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Insurance is going digital. Whether it's streamlining business processes or enabling new models, we're helping our clients transform.
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Driving innovation in the insurance industry.

The insurance industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, driven by changing customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and emerging technologies. At One X Design, we help insurance enterprises navigate these challenges and unlock the full potential of technology to achieve their business goals.
What we do

Our Approach to Insurance

With our deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, we offer a range of solutions that empower insurance companies to thrive in a digital era.

Policy Management Systems

We develop comprehensive policy management systems that automate policy administration, underwriting, claims processing, and policyholder management.

Mobile Claims Applications

Our mobile claims applications enable policyholders to conveniently submit and track insurance claims, upload documents, and communicate with claims adjusters.

Data Analytics and Insights

We leverage advanced analytics and big data technologies to help insurance companies extract valuable insights from data, enhance risk assessment, optimize pricing strategies, and improve fraud detection.

Integration and Interoperability

We provide integration and interoperability solutions that enable seamless connectivity between insurance systems, external data sources, and third-party services, facilitating data exchange, process automation, and collaboration.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM solutions help insurance companies effectively manage customer relationships, improve customer service, and enable personalized engagement through targeted marketing campaigns.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

We implement robust cybersecurity measures and data protection solutions to safeguard sensitive insurance data, prevent data breaches, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

What we do

Why One X Design for Insurance

Unlocking the potential of enterprise technology through expert consulting and software development services tailored to drive your business growth.

  • Full suite of services
  • Unrivaled Insurance knowledge
  • Quality and best practices baked in
  • Deep Insurance community involvement
  • Support for Insurance ongoing development
  • Hired by Fortune 500 brands


Learn how we deliver effective, value-driven technological innovations for leading enterprises.

The insurance industry faces challenges such as digital disruption, legacy system integration, regulatory compliance, customer experience enhancement, fraud detection, risk assessment, and leveraging data insights.

Technology can drive innovation in the insurance sector by enabling digital insurance platforms, enhancing underwriting processes, automating claims management, improving customer engagement through self-service portals, leveraging data analytics for risk assessment and personalized offerings, and facilitating seamless integration with partner ecosystems.

We offer a range of software solutions tailored to the insurance industry, including policy management systems, claims processing platforms, customer portals, fraud detection systems, data analytics tools, underwriting automation, and digital transformation consulting services.

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Partnering with One X Design

One X Design partners with enterprise clients to create solutions to the toughest software problems. Focusing on JavaScript as our core technology, we utilize React, React Native, NodeJS, GraphQL, and the extended JavaScript ecosystem to build web apps, mobile apps, cloud services, open source software, and more. Our approach is tailored to each product, so we will always work with your team to select the technologies best suited to your needs. We excel in web, mobile and cloud platform development and can apply our expertise to your product, no matter where it is in the product lifecycle.

What we do

Our Suite of Insurance Services

Whether designing and developing a new application for an ambitious idea, or upgrading an existing tool, we're the right team to help.

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Design a new product

We create human-centred designs focused on driving conversions and achieving business goals.

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Launch a new company

We create human-centred designs focused on driving conversions and achieving business goals.

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Scale up development

We create human-centred designs focused on driving conversions and achieving business goals.

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Improve a current system

We create human-centred designs focused on driving conversions and achieving business goals.

Transform the Enterprise Experience with One X Design.